Graduate Project

South Asian Media Advocacy Project An ongoing research log dissecting South Asian media representations and its effects on South Asian culture and identity.

Graduate Research Papers

  • Rewriting the Representation of Gender and Sexuality: Dissecting the role of media in perpetuating gender biases over time (Dec 2020, The New School)
  • The Freedom Fallacy: Breaking the Myth of the American Dream (Oct 2020, The New School)
  • Buying Gender: How product gendering shapes definitions of gender and emphasizes the gender binary (Dec 2019, The New School)
  • #MeToo vs. #NotAllMen: How does internet culture encourage male entitlement and privilege and stifle feminist movements (Oct 2019, The New School)

Undergraduate Thesis

Design of a Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Gender Violence (May 2017, NIT Trichy) India is infamous for its violence against women, minorities and the queer community. The lack of government support combined with laws and cultures rooted in patriarchal systems leads to the ostracization of survivors of gender violence or those who exist outside of the cis-heteronormative. This means there is a severe dearth of facilities for survivors of sexual assault to seek medical services, mental health care and long-term housing. My architectural thesis proposes a solution to this by using environmental psychology methods to design a facility that would serve not just their needs and requirements, but will also provide a sense of community, and a safe space to live their authentic lives.